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Short term rental

Have you ever thought of using your pride and joy for limited short term rental* to paying guests, either through AirBnb or similar rental companies?

Our Crewmates at Haven Knox-Johnston Specialist, based in Poole, have put their heads together and have a scheme which is designed with you in mind.

You can view the all-important documents below.

*20% of the use of the boat must be Private and Pleasure

Your crew at HavenKJ Specialist can offer terms for 80% Air BnB use for privately owned craft.  Below are the all-important notes that form part of the policy.

  • At least 20% Private & Pleasure use
  • No keys for the engine to be left on the craft
  • No hen/stag parties
  • Must be marina based
  • Excludes EL

Click on “Important Information” below to view endorsements to your policy.


For enquiries, call us:
+44 (0)1202 725 165
Request a call back:

“With a shared love of boats & time on the water, we can expertly navigate you through your Marine insurance requirements- policies tailored for you”

Yvonne Hall, Marine Account Manager at Haven Knox-Johnston Specialist based in Poole.

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