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Our award winning values

We’ve navigated a lot of change over the past three decades, with new owners, new names, new awards and new looks. But throughout, our values have always stayed the same, because they’re at the heart of who we are. We believe in great customer service, hence we now have an award winning staff to look after you, the power of knowledge, and enjoying ourselves out on the water – and in the office.  And we put everything we’ve got into making boat ownership and boat insurance plain sailing for you.

While we know the insurance side of things isn’t quite as thrilling as being out on the open water, it shouldn’t be a drag, either. And when you take boat insurance with us, it’s the start of a great relationship.

Where it all began

Since Chris Knox-Johnston, brother of sailing legend Robin Knox-Johnston, set up in boat insurance in the 80s, our story has been one of dynamism and change. Why not check out our milestones?

Our dedicated crew

We’re a close-knit crew at Haven Knox-Johnston. Turnover is low, morale is high, and some of us have been about from pretty early on in the timeline! Find out more about us here.

HKJ History in 2015

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston is a sailing legend, and part of our family tree. Read on to find out more about his amazing achievements, and follow us on YouTube for mini-interviews with the man himself.

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