Thames Traditional Boat Festival

Celebrating the best in British boatbuilding and craftsmanship

What is it?

The Thames Traditional Boat Festival is one of the most prestigious boating festivals in the United Kingdom. It takes place on the banks of the beautiful River Thames near Henley-on-Thames from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st July 2024.

The festival caters for a wide audience from the most passionate historical boating enthusiasts to those who just love messing about on the river. From it’s start in 1978 the festival has expanded and grown in support and, in turn, the organisers have expanded its scope whilst always keeping its core message to heart. These days it now features historic military and amphibious vehicles and even includes a flypast by a spitfire.

It is also a popular destination for associations, clubs and individuals who want to preserve and celebrate traditional craft to come and shout about what they do and show their wares.

In 2015 the event rebranded to attract a wider visitor base and to show that it was open to everyone even if they did not own a rivercraft and is a perfect day out for the family.


What can you expect?

  • The Dunkirk fleet
  • Boat club meets
  • Meet various associations
  • Air show displays
  • WW1 boat display
  • Food court
  • Music entertainment
  • Award ceremony
  • Activities for children
  • Favourite boat in show
  • Historic boats

What are the HavenKJ crew up to?

At this years Thames Traditional Boat Festival you can find the Haven KJ crew moored up on stand L34 with Tingdene Marinas & Boat sales. Pop over and say ‘hello’ to our friendly crew who love to talk about all things rivercraft.

When is it?

The Thames Traditional Boat Festival 2024 will take place over the weekend of 19th to 21st July 2024.




Where is the Thames traditional boat show held?

The Thames Traditional Boat Show is held at Fawley Meadows Henley-on-Thames RG9 2HY

Can I camp at Thames Traditional Boat Festival?

Yes! you can camp at the festival.

Tent plots are 6x7m minimum.

Caravan/Motorhome plots are 7x8m minimum.

Standard Tent Plots @ £25 per night  

Premium Tent Plots @ £38 per night  

Caravan Plots @ £44 per night  

Motorhome Plots @ £48 per night  

Please note that capacity is limited and that availability cannot be guaranteed unless reservations are made in advance. Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

As a note all campsites that are booked include a single adult pass for 3 days.

2 nights is the minimum to be able to book more information is on their site

Where can I buy tickets for Thames Traditional Boat Festival?

You can purchase tickets for the Thames Traditional Boat festival at the gate or online at their website: TTBF online Tickets (

The tickets that are bought will be sent by email and not by snail mail.

Is there parking at Thames Traditional Boat festival?

There is a lot of space available for parking at the Thames Traditional Boat Festival and to make it even better the parking is free!

What kind of food does Thames Traditional Boat festival offer?

Yes the festival has multiple food stands and has something for everyone.