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Find out what else we can shipshape for you!

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Now that you have checked out how we can help shipshape insurance for your pride and joy why not look at what other parts of your world we can protect for you.

We have teamed up with both Aston Lark colleagues and Millstream Underwriting to bring you all sorts of other insurance products which we think will bring that much needed security you need in your busy life. Relax, kick off your shoes and let our colleagues help you achieve greater peace of mind. Check out below to see what other products we can offer and what great offers we have in store for our Haven Crewmates.

Private Clients Insurance Cover

Private Clients

Protect your prized possessions from the unthinkable.

Sailaway Travel

Travel Insurance Policy designed for the boating community

HKJ Sail Away Travel Insurance
Musical Penguin HKJ

Lark Music

Finely tuned insurance with a 10% discount for the HK-J community

Other Insurance

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