Dartmouth Royal Regatta

The country's oldest Regatta returns

Dartmouth Sailing Week

What is it?

The historic Dartmouth Royal Regatta celebrating its 179th year in 2024!

Taking place in the picturesque town of Dartmouth, this unique event caters to boat enthusiasts of all levels, from novices to experienced sailors.

Divided into two categories – sailing boats and rowing boats – the Regatta offers over 300 races and events during the week including 50 rowing heats and races with around 600 competitors. Ensuring there’s a race for everyone.

But the Regatta isn’t just about racing on the water. Onshore, participants and spectators alike can enjoy a variety of activities. From the famous Regatta crabbing competition to multiple sporting events like tennis and golf, there’s no shortage of fun and excitement beyond the waves.

Whether you’re a competitor or simply soaking up the atmosphere, the Dartmouth Royal Regatta promises an unforgettable experience!

What can you expect?

The Dartmouth Royal Regatta offers a so much for one event you can expect

Proud sponsors of Dartmouth Royal Regatta Sailing Week

Haven Knox-Johnston are proud to be sponsoring the 2024 Dartmouth Royal Regatta and also look forward to seeing our sponsored boat “Haven KJ Enigma”, skippered by Ian Braham, out on the waters.

The crew’s outstanding performance at the Dartmouth Regatta in 2022 resulted in a remarkable 1st place overall! We hope to see similar results in 2024!.  If you would like to see further details on “Haven KJ Enigma’s” exciting adventures please click here.

When is the Regatta?

The Dartmouth Royal Regatta is scheduled to take place from the 28th-31st August 2024.

The Dartmouth Royal Regatta is now accepting entries.

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Where is the Dartmouth Royal Regatta held?

The Dartmouth Royal Regatta takes place at the River Dart in the town of Dartmouth

Where can I buy tickets for the Dartmouth Royal Regatta?

You can purchase tickets for the Dartmouth Regatta by registering your interest online at their website: How to Enter – Dartmouth Regatta Sailing Week 2023 (dartmouthsailingweek.com)

Is there parking at the Dartmouth Royal Regatta?

There is plenty of car parking at the Darthaven Marina. The car parks are barrier controlled and the marina is manned 24/7 to ensure your vehicle stays secure on the site.

What kind of food is available at the Dartmouth Royal Regatta?

Food and drink will be available at the town of Dartmouth.

However, if you need to get food and drink that’s closer to the Regatta so you don’t miss the action there is food and drink being served at the Royal Dart Yacht Club (RDYC).