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We all love spending our time out on the water, but we also know that it’s essential to take care of the environment we enjoy.

With conservation a hot topic and more and more of us hitting the water, it’s getting increasingly important not to mess up the incredible environment that is around us. Whether you prefer coastal cruising or inland waterways, you’ve probably noticed it’s getting busier out there, and, well, more people can lead to more challenges.

Nobody wants to see stricter regulations on our time on the water, so our mission is to change our ways and be kinder to the seas and waterways every time we set sail.

We, as the boating community, have a commitment to protect our freshwater and marine habitats, so let’s make a difference by making some voluntary changes on how we do things when we’re out boating.

Conservation and boating can and should go hand in hand so let’s sail smartly and protect our precious waters.

What can we do?

Check out our 6 recommended commitments for treating the waters more responsibly: These commitments are all anchored under our 3 main pillars; PROTECT, PREVENT and CONSIDER.

Together they form our promise on how we can choose a more sustainable path and sail greener.

  • Protect habitats: Be mindful of the marine homes we share, and steer clear of protected areas.
  • Be wildlife-wise: Sail with care, keep your distance and reduce your wash around wildlife.
  • Anchor respectfully: Stay informed of protected seabeds and don’t anchor down with them.
  • Cut water pollution: Do your part to keep the waters clean and pristine. Prevent engine leaks and make smarter choices.
  • Waste not, recycle more: Dispose of waste properly and recycle when you can.
  • Choose the Sustainable Path: Join the pledge to sail greener.

For further brilliant advice on how to become even more environmentally friendly when out on the water, our friends at The Green Blue have a fantastic library of resources and tips to encourage us to make voluntary changes in how we do things when we’re out boating.

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