The boat insurance crew
who really care

What sets us apart from other boat insurance providers

Our secret sauce, our superpower, our award-winners, yes, our first-in-class crew!

We have been forging long-term relationships and building trust with our customers since 1986 and with 85 percent choosing to renew with us each year, it’s something we hope we are pretty good at!

We know our superpower is providing the best customer service to you, our customers. We don’t bamboozle you with lots of jargon but just offer up straightforward boat insurance policies for your vessel.

We don’t outsource our call centre, so when the unexpected happens, our friendly crew are always there at the end of the phone. We have a specific claims team who will personally take charge of your claim, when required.


We may be a little biased in thinking that our crew are the best in the business but we also have some shiny awards to tell us so! We have been awarded the Feefo Gold Service Award for the last 2 years running – we hope the reviews speak for themselves (you can view them here) – and last year, our crew picked up the Motorboat & Yachting Customer Service Award 2022.

At the end of the day, we believe in the power of good old-fashioned humans, who understand one end of a boat from another. When it comes to providing you with boat insurance, our motley bunch are a first-in-class crew, who really care.

Find out more about the friendly faces who will be helping you out on the water.

How we sail (operate)

We pride ourselves on making the claims process as simple and pain-free as humanely possible. A simple phone call or email to our lovely claims team to report the circumstances is all it takes to get the ball rolling.  From a small bump to a large loss, our helpful, experienced claims team will assist you every step of the way from first notification to the final settlement. We endeavour to get the matter resolved as quickly as possible, in order to have you enjoying life back on the water again.

We have an in-house claims team who are hugely experienced in processing boat insurance claims. When something goes wrong, our knowledgeable crew ensure that your claims process is smooth sailing all the way.

The claims experience doesn’t just stop at our lovely crew though. We have a pool of hand-picked trusted surveyors that we use to help us assess the claim.  These guys really know their stuff and are an extension of the excellent customer service that we offer in-house.

When it comes to your claim, we ensure all experienced hands are on deck to help you get back out on the water as soon as possible.


Feedback makes Buddy a very happy penguin, it also helps us to ensure that our customer service stays first-rate. Good and bad, we listen to every word you tell us. Over the last 10 months, out of the 2,034 Feefo reviews that we have received, 1678 were over 5 stars. That tells us that you like the cut of our jib and for that, we are very grateful. However, the 89 reviews that were 3 stars or lower, are just as important to us; we contact each and every customer to find out what happened, and when we’ve got it wrong, we hold our fins up. With a change of tack, we know we can do it better next time.

We try to ensure that our customer service is always consistently good, and turning a bad situation into a good one is what earns us our flying colours.

Our Waving Buddy

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