• Boat Insurance
    We’re proud to say our boat insurance is among the best in the business. We cover many different types of vessel, so you’re sure to find the right cover for your craft.
    • Barge Insurance
      Protect your barge from waterway mishaps with our top-notch boat insurance policies. Go for ‘Base Layer’ if you just want third party protection, and ‘All Weather’ for comprehensive cover.
      • Commercial Boat Insurance
        When your boat is your livelihood, the stakes are very high, so it’s crucial to choose the right insurance. Discover our Commercial ‘All Weather’ policy, created especially for business boats...
        • Dinghy Insurance
          Whether you use your dinghy for racing or recreation, you’ll want to know you’re fully covered when you set sail. Check out our policies and see what floats your boat.
          • Inland Cruiser Insurance
            When you own an inland cruiser, the world’s waterways are your oyster. But it’s best to plan for the unexpected, as even on a day trip, anything can crop up.
            • Motorboat Insurance
              At Haven Knox-Johnston, we’ll help you make lighter work of insuring your motorboat. Check out our policies, and why not get a free motorboat insurance quote today?
              • Houseboat Insurance
                Whether your houseboat is a place you call home, or holiday getaway, we’ve got you covered.
                • Narrowboat Insurance
                  Variety is the spice of life, and for narrowboat owners, that’s especially true. So you’ll want boat cover that’s flexible enough for whatever crops up, from a team that really knows the ropes.
                  • RIB Insurance
                    Whatever you use your RIB for, one thing’s certain – your boat insurance needs to be as hard-working as your boat. And when you take a policy with Haven Knox-Johnston, rest assured it will be.
                    • Speedboat Insurance
                      These boats are all about excitement – and when you’re insuring your speedboat, you need cover that can keep up. That’s where we come in. Why not get a quote today?
                      • Yacht Insurance
                        You can’t beat the yacht life, but it’s no secret it’s not the cheapest of passions. With our in-depth knowledge of the yachting sector, we’re perfectly placed to protect yo...
                        • Other Watercraft Insurance
                          If you’re looking for insurance for your watercraft, but it doesn’t quite fit the mould of a standard boat like a yacht or a motorboat, then we’ve got you covered.
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