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Finely tuned Musical Instrument insurance with a 10% discount for the HK-J community

Haven Knox-Johnston has helped boat owners to navigate the tricky waters of insurance for many years to ensure their pride and joy is well protected. Especially for their liveaboard customers, the crew at Haven K-J have now teamed up with Lark Music to offer that little bit of extra cover!


Do you own an instrument you love? Lark Music understands the deep connection people have with their instruments, which is why we have built bespoke policies to make sure they are protected. Whether your instrument is kept at your land-bound home or aboard your vessel, Lark Music’s specialist musical instrument insurance policy will provide you with the peace of mind you need for your beloved instrument.


You might be wondering why you need a specialist insurance policy for your instrument when you have your comprehensive cover from HK-J for your vessel. There are some things that just need that specialist know-how, much like your beloved boat. So, where the crew at HK-J know the difference between fore and aft, the expert team at Lark Music know one end of a piano from the other. Lark Music offers three levels of cover to protect your instrument and with over 25 years’ experience, you can rely on them to provide you with a high-quality personal service and the right policy for you with a 10% discount*.


“I would definitely recommend Lark Music, extremely helpful and very straightforward.”

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What we offer

  • Three levels of cover – global, national or home 
  • Have multiple instruments insured on one policy
    No time restrictions on travel 
  • Cover for all risks, including fire, flood, loss, theft and accidental damage 
  • Reimbursement for the loss of value if your instrument is damaged 
  • Cover for travelling with your instrument in a hard case (where applicable) 
  • No claims discount of up to 20% 
  • Cover for rented instruments 
  • Optional extras, such as cover against theft from an unattended vehicle, earthquake or climate conditions 

Benefits of Lark Music

  • Personal service and rapid responses  
  • Recoup the value loss in the event of a claim  
  • Temporary cover for instruments on loan 
  • We cover the costs that come with claiming 
  • Your choice of repairer  
  • When we pay claims, we do it quickly 
  • Unattended vehicle cover  
  • Climatic conditions cover 

*Terms and conditions apply:

  • The 10% discount applies to the total cost of the policy.
  • You must be a live Haven Knox Johnson client to qualify for the 10% discount.  
  • You cannot use this offer in conjunction with any other discounts.
  • This discount is available on all Lark Music policies.
  • The 10% discount will apply to the first year of the policy only.
  • Lark Music reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time
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For enquiries, call us:
+44 (0)203 846 5271
For a shipshaped music insurance quote:

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