3 May 2020

10 essential tips of navigation for boat owners

By Sonia Hook Senior Marketing Executive
  1. Skippers of all craft from the largest to the smallest must abide by the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (RPCS). Copies are readily available from chandlers, boating organisations and clubs.
  2. Make sure you are always familiar with any navigational dangers by checking an up-to-date chart for hazards.
  3. If you are unfamiliar with the area seek advice from knowledgeable locals or the Coastguard before you set out and check where the safe channels are.
  4. If launching from a trailer, launch from an area clear of rocks and other obstructions. Avoid surf and steeply shelving areas which pose risks when launching or recovering the craft in the water.
  5. Always observe speed limits in restricted areas and be aware of your wash.
  6. Avoid canoeists, anglers and divers and always keep well away from areas with swimmers.
  7. Recognise different types of navigation marks and lights and understand what they mean.
  8. Any craft underway at night is required to show navigation lights.
  9. Avoid any buoys, pots and markers used by fishermen or divers.
  10. Always warn everyone on board if you plan to change speed or direction or if you are about to encounter rough water or waves.

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