10 Luxury Gift Guide

A fantasy gift guide for yacht lovers

Christmas Greetings

The luxury list

According to Mr Christmas himself (aka Richard Curtis) Xmas is a time when all your wishes can come true and even if, this year, your budgets have been completely eaten alive by energy bills then daydreaming is still technically free. So, in that vein, we have put together the ultimate luxury yacht gift-buying guide for when money is truly no object.

Leave our shoes on deck

We all know that shoes are a big no-no onboard but when you are this rich, why not just purchase a pair of luxury deck shoes that can be left on deck? We love this stylish pair in ‘Canyon’ from the iconic Christian Louboutin.

Vespa the seas

Scooters that go under the sea? Although we had visions of zipping round Atlantis in a sunken Roman holiday, Sea scooters are actually more reminiscent of an underwater compact jet ski that allows you to zip along the seabed, at depths of up to 40m and at a respectable 20 km/h. The SeaBob has to be the ultimate exploring toy for your superyacht.

The anniversary you won’t forget

Surely the next gift is worth all the riches in the world because when you buy a bouquet of fresh flowers, bio-preserved by Ethereal Blooms, they last up to 12 months meaning you will never have to remember to bring flowers home ever again (ok you have a get out of jail free card for 1 year).

Only drink bottled water

Refuse to ever drink tap water again and in the same stroke, you will never have to lift your hand to cleaning the bottle again. This self-cleaning water bottle ‘The Larq Bottle Pure-Vis’ uses some clever tech to get rid of any nasty contaminates, keeping water filtered and your bottle fresh.

Hamilton Billiards

Treat yourself to a bespoke billiard table using Hamilton’s expert craftsmen who will guide you through the process of choosing the right table for your room or boat!

A Whisky Adventure

At nearly £3500 a bottle, it is not for the faint-hearted, but when it was crafted in the land of Mordor, in the Fires of Mount Doom… oops sorry, wrong script…  Talisker Xpedition Oak Whisky was however, founded in the waters of the Atlantic, finished in casks including staves that undertook the epic 3,264-mile journey across the Atlantic, rowed by British adventurer James Aiken and each bottle of the 43-year-old single malt, comes complete with one of the rare staves to keep at home.

Rook, line, and sinker

Although we couldn’t find a chess set, made with the parts of a J-Class Yacht, we thought this F1 crafted chess set, made with the parts, supplied by the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing F1 Team.

Take the time and help the planet

Is any luxury gift guide, complete without a head-turning watch and if you have a few thousand sitting around then the next question has to be, which one should you choose? We would opt for Omega’s THE SEAMASTER PLANET OCEAN “DEEP BLACK” COLLECTION, as not only does it have serious diver’s credentials. It also helps support the marine conservation work of the Live Ocean Foundation.

Buy A Weighty Tome

Made to adorn any coffee table of your super yacht saloon, Yachts: The Impossible Collection explores the world’s greatest vessels that have transformed the seascape. It comes complete with white gloves, for, we imagine, those tricky moments when you are reading it in bed, with a cup of tea and a chocolate digestive.

The Rock Star Toilet Brush

For the person who has everything, a toilet brush plated in 24 ct gold must be the perfect accessory to take pride of place in your yacht’s head. Surely, it also acts as the perfect reminder that everything you touch has turned to gold.