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Join experienced marine surveyor, Ben Sutcliffe-Davies as he shares his top tips for winterising your boat! With so many jobs on your to do list, it can be easy to forget the odd one. So sit back and watch our winterisation series and webinars, and write yourself a to do list!

Inland Waterways Winterisation Webinar

Watch the inland winterisation webinar with loads of great hints and tips from Ben Sutcliffe-Davies.

Coastal Waterways Winterisation Webinar

Watch the coastal winterisation webinar with loads of great hints and tips from Ben Sutcliffe-Davies.

About Ben Sutcliffe-Davies

With over 40+ years experience in the marine industry, including Boat Building in timber, GRP, Steel and Aluminium, Ben has a huge breadth of reliable knowledge of Yachts, Motor Cruisers, Narrowboats and many other types of craft. Ben is a Full Member of the Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association (YDSA). He is on the International register of qualified Marine surveyors and is also a Full member of the British Marine Federation and Canal Boat builders Association. You can also find articles written by Ben on various subjects in a lot of the major boating publications.

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Checking your windows before winter sets in

Clogged window drains with moss and lichen can lead to water ingress and potential damage, emphasizing the importance of regular onboard maintenance. Here’s a reminder of all the jobs you need to do onboard!

Winterising tips for the diesel tanks on your narrowboat

Don’t let diesel bug get the better of your fuel filters if you’re running a diesel heater over winter! Here’s a reminder of how to check the diesel in the bottom of your tank, and the importance of keeping your tanks topped up over winter!

Checking your window seals for defects

Moisture ingress can occur when the seals breakdown around windows. In this quick video, Ben shows us what to look out for.

Keeping your narrowboat secure

Don’t let thieves spoil your day. Listen to Ben as he gives us his tips on keeping your boat secure.

Cleaning leaves on the deck of your narrowboat

This short video does what it says on the tin! It reminds you to keep your deck, gutters and drains free of leaves to ensure you keep your boat in tip top condition!

Holding tank maintenance tips for your narrowboat

Not the nicest of jobs…. but looking after your holding tanks can mean the difference between a narrowboat smelling of roses and one smelling pretty unpleasant!

Winterising To Do List for your Narrowboat Generator

Tips for winterising your generator on your narrowboat.

Winterising maintenance checks for your Diesel filler cap

Have you checked your breather gauze recently? Are your tanks full? Here’s a quick check of what to look for on your narrowboat diesel filler cap before winter sets in.

Top Tips when using a Woodburning Stove on your Narrowboat

With the cold weather well and truly here, it’s time to start enjoying cosy nights in front of your woodburning stove. Safety is paramount, and in this quick video Ben takes you through the checks you need to make to ensure your fire is safe.

Top 5 tips for preparing your narrowboat’s galley for winter

When leaving your narrowboat for any length of time during winter, it’s important to make sure it’s protected from the cold weather. In this short video, Ben takes you on a tour of all the things you need to think about in your galley.

Top tips for minimising leaking from your Narrowboat roof over winter

Don’t let a wobbly, loose fitting roof cause damage to your deck. In this video, Ben takes you through all his top tips on things to look out for on your cabin roof.

Protecting your Narrowboat mooring lines over winter

Join us on a walk around the marina, where Ben spots some examples of what not to do with your mooring lines.

Keep your engine cover gutters clean! Winterising tips for narrowboats!

Another job to add to your winterising list! Check your engine cover gutters as they can get clogged with all sorts of debris, which can quickly lead to water ingress into your engine compartment.


Top tips for looking after your Narrowboat Cockpit Cover over winter

Don’t let your zips become stuck and your canvas leaky – give you cockpit cover a bit of love before winter sets in and you’ll be grateful when it’s still in great condition the following year!

Top tips for winter checks on your shore power supply

If relying on shore power to maintain background heat and a bilge pump, it’s really important to make sure your shore power cable, plug and socket are in good condition. Here’s what to look out for.

Winterising the bathroom on your narrowboat

Nobody wants to come back after leaving their boat for a few weeks over winter to find a cracked toilet pan! Here’s a whistlestop tour of winterising your narrowboat’s bathroom!

Top tips on how to keep your narrowboat ventilated over winter

Keep your narrowboat well ventilated when not using it is vital for stopping damp and mould from forming. In this video, Ben discusses the importance of keeping your boat well ventilated with some background heat.

Top tips on how to winterise your shaft and stern tube on your narrowboat

A dripping stern tube can cause serious corrosion and damage over time. Make sure you watch our quick video that takes you through the steps needed to regrease your stern tube, and tighten your stuffing gland.

Winterisation Tips for your narrowboat – Hints and Tips on how to check your batteries before winter

There is nothing more annoying than coming back to your narrowboat in spring to find that your batteries have run flat. This video runs through the annual maintenance when it comes to protecting them from the effects of winter.


Sailing Yachts or Motorboats

Top Winterising Tips for your boat’s heads

Water collects in numerous places in the heads, which, in particularly cold weather is liable to freeze and cause damage. But don’t worry! Ben is on hand to run you through the jobs you need to do in this very quick video!

Winterising the water systems on your boat

To prevent damage from freezing, it’s advisable to drain tanks and pipes before leaving the boat for an extended winter period and to maintain a background heat source. Here’s a tour of winterising your onboard water systems.

Have you winterised your furling headsail?

We’ve all seen a loose headsail flapping on a boat in a marina. Don’t let that happen to you this winter! Watch our quick rundown on winterising your furling headsail!

Top tips for preparing your galley for winter (sailing yacht or motorboat)

Do you know how often you should change your gas hose? Ben takes you on a quick tour of the important winterising tasks you need to think about in your galley.

Top Yacht and Motorboat Engine Winterising Tips

There is a lot to think about when it comes to preparing your sailing yacht or motorboat for the cold winter months. Ben talks you through the important things you need to look out for when the cold weather sets in.

Top winterising maintenance tips for your Cockpit

We get a lot of rain in the winter…. and if you’ve got a blocked cockpit drain, the chances are you’re going to create a paddling pool. Watch our quick video on things to look out for in your cockpit when winterising your boat.

Top tips for protecting your boat’s mooring lines over the winter

On a very wet and rainy day, Ben has a look at best practice for mooring your boat in winter in a marina.

Top tips for checking your Deck Fittings before winter sets in!

From checking for loose fittings, to turning cowls or dorade boxes into the prevailing wind to provide ventilation… Ben shares his top 4 deck fitting winterisation tips

Winterisation Tips for your boat – Hints and Tips on how to check your Anchor Locker before Winter

Regularly washing out the anchor locker and checking the condition of the anchor chain, while applying a silicone spray for winter protection, prevents water damage and ensures proper drainage to safeguard the boat.

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