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Robust and versatile, Highfield RIB’s are built to withstand any tough conditions on the water. Embark on worry-free adventures with Haven Knox-Johnston’s Highfield RIB Insurance, designed to safeguard your vessel and give you peace of mind, when you are out navigating the waves.

Haven Knox-Johnston’s Base Layer and all Weather Policies provide secure coverage to allow you to enjoy your time on the water, and our friendly crew are always on hand to help you sail with confidence.


All Weather Cover

All Weather Boat Insurance

Base Layer Cover

Base Layer Boat Insurance

For full terms and conditions, please read the policy wording that will accompany your quotation

Your Vessel
All Weather Insurance
Base Layer Insurance
Accidental Damage, Theft, Fire, Explosion
Piracy, Vandalism, Deliberate Damage not caused by you
Latent Defect
Electrolysis caused by sudden and identifiable cause
Salvage Charges
Accidental Loss or Damage caused by failure/machinery breakdown, gradual deterioration, and main engine and gearbox component failure
Liability to Others
All Weather Insurance
Base Layer Insurance
Damage to Other Vessels, and Other Property
Death or Injury
Other Financial Losses
Legal Costs to Defend a Claim, and Fees/Expenses to Attend Official Enquiries
Emergency Medical Expenses
All Weather Insurance
Base Layer Insurance
Injuries suffered by you, a family member, or a guest as a result of an accident on board with your permission
Personal Accident
All Weather Insurance
Base Layer Insurance
Permanent total disability which lasts at least 52 weeks
Permanent loss of sight from one or both eyes
Physical severance or permanent loss of use of the entire arm, hand, leg and/or foot
Racing (optional for sailing yachts and automatically included for dinghies)
All Weather Insurance
Base Layer Insurance
Loss or damage to mast, spars, sails and rigging
Loss of race entry fees if unable to participate in an entered race as a result of any loss covered

Optional Marine Legal Protection

We understand that having to claim on your pride and joy can be very stressful and our award winning claims team are here to take the weight off your shoulders.

Before you decide on your level of cover we want to share this fully bespoke Marine Legal Protection, this cover is optional and covers potential expenses that are not covered in your boat insurance policy, whether it is your fault or not.

Take a moment to read up on the benefits of this cover below and to help, we have provided some examples of how the cover will work for you.

What is the additional cost?

The cost of this cover comes in at approx £0.04p per day – a total of £15.00 plus Insurance Premium Tax.

Uninsured Loss Recovery

Offers cover to pursue losses not covered under your vessel policy against those who have caused you to suffer loss of, for example, your policy excess or other out-of-pocket expenses.


You’re hit by a third party and damage is caused to your boat. You will be liable to pay your policy excess. If our claims team are unable to make a full recovery your excess will not be returned, as a result you can use the Marine Legal policy to pursue this loss.  

Personal Injury Pursuit

Offers cover to pursue damage claims against a third party whose negligence has resulted in you suffering injury or death.


You’re hit by a third party and as a result you suffer injury. Our policy will pay based on the Personal Accident section, however this cover is limited, certainly in cases whereby you suffer an injury requiring months or years of treatment. You would be able to use the Marine Legal policy to pursue damages for pain and suffering as well as the costs that you may have to pay for ongoing treatment and rehabilitation.

Contract Dispute

Offers cover to pursue a third party following breach of contract for goods or services purchased in relation to the vessel.


You employ the services of a boat yard to carry out maintenance on your boatover the winter period, and your boat is out of the water. The works are carried out but not to the standard agreed upon. You would have no cover or recourse under Haven KJ boat insurance policy, however the Marine Legal policy would provide assistance in relation to breach of contract by the boat yard.

Prosecution Defence

Offers cover to defend you against legal action brought against you in relation to a criminal offence following your ownership or use of the vessel.


You’re arrested under suspicion of trafficking drugs into the country by using your boat. So long as there is a 51% or greater prospect of winning, the Marine Legal policy will assist in proving a legal defence for you.

Identity Fraud

Offers cover for legal costs in dealing with companies who have provided credit to a fraudulent third party in your name and are now seeking recovery from you.


Your identity is stolen and a credit card has been taken out in your name. The credit card is subsequently used up to the limit with no payments made and as a result your credit file is marked with a default. The Marine Legal policy will assist in providing cover for advisors fees to liaise with the credit card company and credit reference agencies to write off the defaulted balance and removing the entry from your credit file.


Emergency Expenses - Max. of £2,500 per year

If the vessel is damaged whilst abroad, this section offers cover for expenses incurred by you to travel back to the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man and subsequently return to the vessel once repairs have been completed.


Your boat is damaged whilst in the Med, 2 months into a 6 month trip. The emergency expense will provide  for you to return to the UK, IOM or CI and subsequently return to the boat in the Med once it has been repaired.

Mooring Fees

Offers cover to reimburse mooring fees that you have paid for your home berth, following illness or injury suffered by you, or damage to the vessel, that in turn prevents you from using your vessel.


You pay for your annual mooring, but a few months later your boat is badly damaged and as a result the boat is moved to a boat yard for 6 months. The Marine Legal policy will provide for the 6 months of mooring fees that you have had to pay your marina.

Temporary Replacement Costs

If the vessel is damage through no fault of your own that results in you being unable to use the vessel for a planned trip, this section covers the cost to bareboat charter a comparable vessel to your own.


You have a 3 week sailing trip planned from the UK to France for your annual holiday. 1 week before the planned trip your boat is damaged in a storm owing to the fact that the mooring provided by the marina was unsuitable and as a result will require months of repairs meaning that you will be unable to go on your planned trip. The Marine Legal policy will provide for the hiring of a similar boat for the trip. There has to be identifiable negligence by a third party, in this case the marina, and you have to be able to provide proof that you had a trip planned.

For full terms and conditions, please read the policy wording that will accompany your quotation

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