The Haven Helpful Hints series

Working alongside Premier Sailing and Tingdene Marinas we have put together a collection of top tips for boaters to help remind you of best practice when it comes to those everyday skills.

How to go through a canal lock

This video will equip you with all the knowledge you need to go up and down in a lock safely and with courteously.

Doing radio checks...the right way

In this video we demonstrate how to do a radio check the right way.

Narrowboat daily checks

In this video Chris Bennett from Tingdene Marinas & Boat Sales talks through the basic checks you should carry out on your narrowboat on a regular basis.

How to remove a riding turn

Watch our short video, in association with Premier Sailing, on how to safely remove a riding turn using a rolling hitch knot?

Steering a Narrowboat

Working alongside Tingdene Marinas, Chris Bennett talks through the basics of steering a narrowboat.

How to jump ashore the right way

You may have hopped on and off your yacht many times, but what is the correct way to go ashore? Find out how to avoid embarrassing yourself in our latest helpful hints video with Premier Sailing.

How to Safely Navigate the Canal Network

In this video Chris Bennett of Tingdene Marinas explains the basics of how to navigate on the canal system. Four top tips to make sure your journey down the canal goes smoothly.

Checking your Anodes

A pre-season check of your boat’s anodes helps to keep it protected against corrosion when its back in the water. Colin Stracey, Owner and Principal of Premier Sailing shows the sorts of things to look out for when inspecting your anodes when out of the water.

Trailer Checks

For everyone with their boats on trailers, this is an unmissable reminder of all those checks to make sure your trailer is ready for the road.

How fast do lifejackets inflate?

Have you ever wondered how fast it takes for your lifejacket to inflate?  Watch the video and read some interesting facts at the end.

Inboard engines

Here is a run-down on what to look out for when it comes to inboard engines.  Featuring Ben Sutcliffe, Marine Surveyor and Simon French from French Marine Motors.

How to position and tie fenders on your boat

An important part of mooring your boat is protecting it.  Colin Stracey, Owner and Principal of Premier Sailing shows how to position and tie fenders upon mooring your boat.

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