Meet....Lauren Evans

Specialist Area Of Work
Assistant Underwriter (Marine)

Q: When did you join Euromarine Insurance?

A: I joined Euromarine in January 2012.

Q: What’s the best bit of the job for you?

A:  Speaking to all our lovely clients.

Q: How did you get into sailing?

A: I don’t sail but would love to give it a go!

Q: What’s been your greatest sailing experience?

A: I was on holiday in Tenerife and we booked a trip on an old wooden sailing yacht. We were lucky enough to sit at the bow of the boat and I’m so glad we did, as we looked over the edge there were dolphins playing in the wake. It was an unforgettable sight and one of my most favourite memories.

Q: Got any future sailing ambitions?

A: Not really. I’d love to try wind surfing, not quite sailing but it’s still on the water

Q: Where would you say is the best place to have fun on the water? Canoeing in Kent? Banana-boating in Benidorm?

A: There’s too many to pick. I love paddle boarding and kayaking but I’m a thrill seeker deep down so I’d have to say a banana boat somewhere hot.

Q: What’s your favourite boat-related film, book or song, and why?

A: Life of Pi. It’s just a really magical film.

Q: And finally… what’s your favourite riverside pub?!

A:  The Grove Ferry Inn, in Canterbury.

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