Meet....Paul Knox-Johnston

Specialist Area Of Work
Sales & Marketing Manager (Marine)

Q: When did you join Haven Knox-Johnston?

A: November 2017

Q: What’s the best bit of the job for you?

A: I love the marketing side of things, drawing up new campaigns and delivering them. I also love going to boat shows where you really get to meet your customers.

Q: What sort of boat do/did you own/sail?

A: I have only ever owned sailing dinghies which were fun. I have had a lot of fun sailing other people’s boats mainly.

Q: How did you get into sailing?

A: My father encouraged me to give it a try and I was lucky that my school had a fleet of dinghies we were able to use.

Q: What’s been your greatest sailing experience?

A: Sailing across the channel in an Open 60 and winning the Sigma 33 European Championships ages ago.

Q: Got any future sailing ambitions?

A: To try a bit more canal cruising and to sail round the Caribbean watching cricket.

Q: Where would you say is the best place to have fun on the water? Canoeing in Kent? Banana-boating in Benidorm?

A: I love sailing around the West Country, with a special place in my heart reserved for Falmouth harbour.

Q: What’s your favourite boat-related film, book or song, and why?

A: I really enjoyed the film Wind when it came out. A guilty pleasure.

Q: And finally… what’s your favourite riverside pub?!

A: The Pandora in Restronguet – it is simply stunning.

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