Meet....Suzie Homer

Specialist Area Of Work
RS21 Youth Sailing Team

What is your name and age?

My name is Suzie Homer and I am 20 years old.

What are you studying, or what did you study?

At the moment, I am a student studying Chemistry.

What do you sail?

I sail a mix of boats (laser, fireflies and RS200).

Where do you sail?

My home club is Dalgety Bay sailing club but I also have sailed at many different venues across Scotland and the UK.

Who introduced you to sailing?

I was introduced to sailing by my parents who are very keen sailors.

Do you have a role model/inspirational person that you follow? If so, why do you find them inspirational?

My role models within sailing is Ellen MacArtur as she is such exception female sailor who have had a positive impact within the sport, is very determined and set up the Ellen MacArtur foundation.

What would be your best advice or top tips for younger sailors or new sailors?

My best advice for younger/ new sailors would be to be as involved as you can and ask lots of questions.

Tell us something about you that no one else knows (the more unusual the better!)

I love to play badminton.

What’s your superpower?

I would say my superpower is determination.

What bit of sailing kit can you not live without? And why? (clothing/gadget/etc)

My favorite bit of sailing kit is my lucky my headband.

What’s your ultimate dream? (this can be sailing or non-sailing)

My ultimate dream is to be able to continue my passion in sailing and chemistry for the rest of my life.

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