An Evening with Fran and Rich

Webinar Recording

Life on the cut - Your questions answered by Fran and Rich

Fran and Rich, the people behind Floating Our Boat, have been continuous cruisers since selling their house and moving onboard in 2018. In this recording of a live webinar they shine a spotlight on what it’s actually like to live on a narrowboat, before opening up to questions from the audience.

Essential topics were covered – medical cover and visits to the GP, repeat prescriptions, managing laundry, getting post, using a correspondence address, getting decent internet….to Fran and Rich, specific topics such as how they get their plants to grow so well, and how their weaving, painting and YouTube videos are going!

Our thanks go to Fran and Rich for giving us an inspiring insight into life on the cut. If you liked this video, don’t forget to check out our others

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