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When you take out a boat insurance policy with Haven Knox-Johnston, you get great cover plus your very own Award winning* support crew – us. We’re a close-knit bunch at HK-J, with years of boat insurance experience between us. And many of us are keen boating enthusiasts, too. If you do need to claim we’ll aim to get you back on an even keel just as fast as we can. Promise.


* Winners of the 2022 Motorboat Award for Customer Services & receiving the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award 2024

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We've expanded

We’re delighted to introduce Haven Knox-Johnston Specialist and Haven Knox-Johnston Commercial.

Our parent company, Howden UK & Ireland launched the new marine insurance practice providing a full spectrum of insurance solutions to the marine industry, UK boat owners and blue ocean cruisers.

The new structure brings together the existing Howden Group marine businesses: A-Plan Marine, Howden Fastnet, Euromarine Insurance Services, plus Howden’s most recent marine acquisition, Curtis Marine.



With a highly experienced team, including some of the industry’s most recognised professionals, plus more than 70 insurance specialists across six office locations, Haven Knox-Johnston is perfectly placed to service the insurance requirements for inland, coastal and ocean water boat owners, as well as support the commercial insurance needs of sole traders, small businesses owners and national operators that service the needs of the marine community.




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Boat Insurance FAQs

Why do I need boat insurance?

Even if all you need is to get a boat from A to B, life is just not that straightforward. Boat insurance provides a safety net when things aren’t always just plain sailing. 

As one of your most prized possessions, boat insurance can provide financial security and peace of mind against third party claims, loss or damage to your pride and joy.

What does boat insurance not cover?

Like all the best relationships, you have to give your boat some regular care and attention; lack of upkeep, general wear and tear and improper storage of your boat could all affect your cover. Your insurance policy is not a maintenance contract. Check out Haven’s Helpful Hints for tips on how to remedy some of these! 

If you are an adventurous sort, it is also important to check that your boat insurance covers racing, offshore sailing and long-distance trips as well.

How much does boat insurance cost?

Boats may often be seen as a luxury but here, at Haven KJ, we see them as one of life’s essentials; that’s why our boat insurance is often much cheaper than people expect.

Of course, (engine) size matters – as does age, maintenance, value, location, storage and use. However, you’ll find insuring a £100k yacht for normal use is a nautical yarn size cheaper than insuring a supercar at the same price.

Is boat insurance a legal requirement as a boat owner?

Surprisingly not – maybe it’s our long nautical history as pirates and vagabonds but boat insurance is not compulsory in the UK. 

It might not be a legal requirement of all waterways, but the risk of piratical boarding aside, we are talking about the potential damage to high value possessions and the possibility of injury.

If that doesn’t make you shiver your timbers then most marinas require at least third-party liability (our Base Layer policy) as a minimum. International territories including Spain, Italy and Greece require proof of the same. Luckily, we can supply you with relevant boat insurance documents to prove you have it.

What boat insurance do I need?

The first question to ask yourself is what is on your boating wishlist this year? Which direction will the wind or currents take you, and are you planning any races to get there?

Our Base Layer (third party) cover offers security for pleasure sailing, covering third party claims against you and worst-case scenarios of injury and more. Or for the full bells, whistles and foghorns, our All Weather (all risks) policy covers you from fire, theft, vandalism, accidental damage, emergency medical expenses, personal accidents and a whole ship-load more.

What does boat insurance cover?

As a general rule boat insurance should cover your boat, other boats and anybody on board, but the level of cover is down to what policy you take.

As a handy guide, we have a list of our Important Documents highlighting what you can expect from our policies.  Or to see a summary of both policies and what is/is not covered see below.