3 May 2020

10 tips for recommissioning your boat in spring time

By Sonia Hook Senior Marketing Executive

Putting your boat back into the water without carrying out a number of simple checks can lead to major problems resulting in common insurance claims. If not doing this yourself ensure that these are undertaken by a qualified engineer.

    1. Inspect, lubricate and close all valves and sea cocks and check all hoses and pipework.
    2. De-winterize your engine. Flush the cooling system, replace engine oil, filter and check belts. Check batteries and fuel lines and joints.
    3. Check the hull for blisters, cracks and any oxidation. Repair and rewax the hull.
    4. Ensure that all hull and deck fittings are in good working order and free from corrosion. Clean and grease them.
    5. Inspect any rigging, wire halyards and fixing bolts for rust. Also repair any damaged covers.
    6. Check and test all navigational equipment is in operation – replace if necessary.
    7. Clean the interior including vinyl, metal and all woodwork. Also thoroughly clean the galley area and ensure that any gas system incorporated within the craft is satisfactory and if in doubt arrange for the installation to be inspected by an approved professional.
    8. Carefully check all safety equipment including lifejackets and expiry dates on fire extinguishers and distress flares. Replace if necessary.
    9. Trailer – check the tyres for sidewall cracks, wear and pressure – and that you have a serviceable spare!
    10. Update your paperwork. Do you have a manufacturer’s manual, registration documents, up-to-date charts? And don’t forget insurance!



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