3 May 2020

10 tips when selling your boat

By Sonia Hook Senior Marketing Executive

Most things about selling are just common sense – and in a competitive market you need to give your boat the best chance. The main season to sell is between early spring and autumn.

  1. Ensure that you have all documentation up-to-date and readily to hand including all service and maintenance records.
  2. Consider whether you are going to sell privately or via a brokerage. A brokerage can present your boat professionally to a wider audience and take care of any necessary valeting etc.
  3. Cleaning. Appearance is quickly affected by sun, salt and deck grime that runs down the side of the boat leaving streaks across the hull when it rains. Use only a mild detergent to avoid removing the wax layer.
  4. Boat bottom cleaning. Out of sight – out of mind, but removal of algae and other waterlife is essential to maintaining speed, performance and also fuel economy. A buyer will check.
  5. Boat waxing maintains an eye catching glossy look.
  6. Operational checks – ensure all equipment is in good working order, including that the engine starts easily.
  7. Check rigging and sails, navigation lights, horn, bilge pumps, lights, winches, heating, gas appliances, generator, cooking facilities, taps and toilet.
  8. Remove any ancillary equipment that you don’t plan to include with the sale.
  9. Replace anything not working or that won’t clean up or is badly worn and finally undertake a thorough interior cleaning.
  10. Finally take good photographs on a bright sunny day for use in any advertising on or offline.

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