Keeping Your Boat Safe:

Essential Steps to Protecting Your Property on board

A penguin’s home berth is his castle or something along those lines, and wherever you moor your prized possession can often feel like a second home but despite them taking care of one of your most prized possessions, it is all too easy to become complacent about the security of your boat. All berthing options are not immune to security risks and given the high value of assets, the presence of valuable equipment, and in light of a series of recent break-ins and an increase in the thefts of outboard motors, it is has become essential that members take proactive steps to help secure their possessions. Following some simple steps can help enhance the security of your valuables and provide greater peace of mind when you are away from your boat – so let’s sail right into it.

Keep items secure and out of sight

When you’re not onboard, ensure that valuable items are stored securely and kept out of sight. Close curtains or blinds to prevent anyone from peering inside and use lockable storage compartments for personal belongings and fishing equipment.

Remove Valuables

Try not to go overboard with expensive possessions. Keep it simple and consider storing any non-essential items off-site or in secure lockers when not in use.

Get to know the onsite team

Building good relationships with the on site team staff can be helpful. They’re the ones overseeing the moorings and can spot anything fishy going on. Chat with them regularly and report any security concerns ASAP.

Get to know your neighbours

By making friends with your fellow boat owners, you can help create an effective neighbourhood watch. Keep an eye on each other’s boats and report any suspicious activity or unfamiliar faces.

Lock It Up

Always secure your boat, trailer, and any valuable equipment with sturdy insurance compliant locks (check your policy wording). Ensure your boat’s cabin is locked and all windows are closed before leaving.

Let the onsite team know if a contractor is working on your vessel

If you hire a contractor to perform maintenance or repairs on your boat, make sure you inform the berthing management; they can monitor the contractor’s activities and ensure that only authorised personnel have access to your vessel.

Use approved contractors

When engaging contractors for work on your boat, make sure they are reputable. Ask fellow club members for recommendations, request references and check they have adequate PI insurance to ensure that your vessel is in safe hands.

Visit your boat regularly and keep it looking loved

An active presence can deter thieves and a well-cared for boat is likely to deter any unwanted attention. Show it some TLC.

Consider a local rep

If you live away from your boat, contracting a local rep to perform routine checks, maintenance tasks and to keep an eye on your boat in your absence.

Embrace the latest technology

Stay up-to-date with any tech advancements in boat security. Consider security cameras, motion sensors, and alarm systems, however, please don’t rely on the on site team to investigate every alarm as they can be notoriously unreliable.

If this seems a little OTT, these don’t always have to be expensive systems; consider ring cameras or google home, as a cheaper but still decent security alternative.

Keeping your possessions safe on your boat requires a proactive approach. By following these recommended steps, you’ll sail through with confidence and keep your precious boat out of harm’s way. Remember, it’s all about prevention and peace of mind, when you are not around.

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