Meet....Sonia Hook

Specialist Area Of Work
Marketing and Business Development Consultant (Marine)

Q: When did you join Haven Knox-Johnston?

A: February 1999

Q: What’s the best bit of the job for you?

A: Quite a lot… the diversity of my role, the team I work with, getting to meet our stakeholders and clients, and various events.

Q: Tell us about your boats.

A: First boat was a Snapdragon, nice sturdy 1960s boat. Then moved up in the world to a Westerly Griffon, Fin Keel then had a 9-year break, and moved over to power where my partner owned a Princess 388… now we are boatless!

Q: How did you get into sailing?

A: Through Haven Knox-Johnston, and realising my partner also had the love for boats. I was fortunate to be able to get out on the water through various sponsored events like Round the Island Race. In the very early days, we used to hire a beautiful Thames Barge for our sponsored event – called Victor. Built in 1895, we got to enjoy great days out with our stakeholders.

Q: What’s been your greatest sailing experience?

A: Difficult, as I have enjoyed all my experiences – even the bad ones, but only way after the event! One that stands out is probably participating in a club weekend on Lutine (Swan 53). Timed return trip from Portsmouth to Cherbourg. Didn’t do too well! But we just got to enjoy the experience of sailing a beautiful boat in glorious weather, then enjoying the French cuisine and wine!

Q: Got any future sailing ambitions?

A: None at present.

Q: Where would you say is the best place to have fun on the water? Canoeing in Kent? Banana-boating in Benidorm?

A: Fun would certainly be on a banana boat… not in Benidorm

Q: What’s your favourite boat-related film, book or song, and why?

A: Right now it’s the classic Beatles song ‘We All Live in a Yellow Submarine’ – when my 3-year-old attempts to sing it, my heart sinks!

Q: And finally… what’s your favourite riverside pub?!

A:  I shall support my local Riverside Pub right now and say Malta Inn on the River Medway!


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