Meet....Alanna Barden

Specialist Area Of Work
Claims Handler

Q: When did you join Haven Knox-Johnston?

A: 2014 (My first day was my birthday!)

Q: What’s the best bit of the job for you?

A: My ‘crewmates’, and that no two claims are the same.

Q: Where would you say is the best place to have fun on the water? Canoeing in Kent? Banana-boating in Benidorm?

A: The shallow end of the swimming pool! I joke… kind of… as long as I have a lifejacket on, I’m okay on the water. On our honeymoon we went sea kayaking (relatively close to the shore) which was good fun!

Q: What’s your favourite boat-related film, book or song, and why?

A: Captain Phillips, I thought it was so well filmed and had me gripped!

Q: And finally… what’s your favourite riverside pub?!

A: I don’t think I’ve actually been to a riverside pub!

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